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2 questions I wanted to address:

1.)What’s the Teamkaty thing about?

Teamkaty dates back to my short-lived stint as a minor-league Manhattan sex bomb.

Ahem. Yes. [Tap, tap, tap.]

Are you quite done?

Anyway, back in those glory days, I was having a drink with some friends before skitting off to a dinner date. In the course of our drinks, two men joined us. Rather to my embarrassment, my friend Karen insisted on telling them how I had—somewhat selfishly, it now seems to me—snagged the sole single straight male at a recent party of hers (we were all in publishing, remember) . This was my dinner date to-come. The guys wanted to know what my secret was. Obviously, it could not be my looks (best described as: unusual.) It could not be my manners (best described as: abrasive). That left only the classic last resort: an efficient pit crew. Which was indeed the case—at that particular party, as at so many others, my trusty friend Robin had ridden herd on the competition, deftly cutting the boy loose from a prior conversation and delivering him up for the brand (I’m sorry, Liz, but it wouldn’t have worked out, trust me).
Karen suggested that we needed to get jackets or tee-shirts made up with “Team Katy” over the breast pocket. So it was kind of a joke: a little annoying, a little flattering. I must have found it more the latter than the former, because when I started fooling around with silk-screening about a year later, I used Teamkaty as my label. And so while the femme fatale is long gone—if, indeed, she ever existed—the legend lives on. Huzzah.

This Teamkaty blog is just a record of the stuff that I make. It’s an effort to keep myself a little more honest about what I am—or am not—doing with my time.

2.) Where’d you learn this stuff?

My mom, mostly. And then I picked up a little from my mom, and then whenever I have questions I ask my mom. She’s one of those impossible people who seems to be able to turn their hand to anything she picks up—she can sew, knit, crochet, quilt, smock, paint, draw, do ceramics, cook, bake, can, subdue any small child, deal with my father, and paint racing stripes on a canoe with one arm in a cast, SO THERE. She could probably pick up arc welding or lost wax casting in about an hour or so. You would also never, ever catch her doing anything so show-offy as posting pictures of her work on the internet, so I’m going to take a lot of pleasure in sneaking her stuff on here. As a kid I was always just itching for someone to comment on my easter dress/prairie skirt/embroidered tank top so I could blurt, “My mom made it!” Because of her, “homemade” has never meant anything but good. Thanks Mom.