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January 10, 2007



Am I the ONLY one not doing Anemoi mittens? sheesh.

how about some pins on the lapel? something cool, not a cat with jeweled eyes....


great coat! really, i have a j crew one that i've had for about 5 years now. i love it. i even got the lining replaced on it because i just couldn't get rid of it :)

love all of the knit accessories ideas!


I love the shape of that coat. I've been wanting a new one for a few years but, like you, I keep avoiding it. Maybe next year.


I love the coat, and it would be a great backdrop for all your lovely hand knits, esp. Anemoi mittens.


I think that coat will look right fetching on you. So shapely! And you can sass it up with cute colorwork accessories (I'm working on my first stranded thingamajig as soon as Knitpicks delivers my damn yarn).

carrie m

i'm the same way about coats. last year, i wasted so, so, so much time browsing and trying coats on. it's best to just commit.

it was good to meet you yesterday!


LOL. I've had that internal debate many times. You have the right idea though - knit the accessories to go with the coat. I just knit a hat I adore but I'm thinking I need to buy a new coat. Doh!


That's a NICE coat. I covet it.

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