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February 10, 2007



I'm all for multiple projects on the needles. I am so not knit monagamous, I would get bored so quickly, just knowing that's all there was to knit. Yay for knitting slutdom indeed :)


hahaha, knitting slutdom. personally, i can only concentrate on 3 projects or less at a time. i wish i could do more!


Yup, I have about six things on the needles right now, eek. I'm knitting with Shine Sport right now too, for the lining of the We Call Them Pirates hat. It's sooooooooft.


Let your inner knitting slut go wild--it's so liberating! But then later it's stressful b/c you can never finish anything.... But anyway, welcome to this wonderful world. Just try not to have too many disastrous one-night-stands....


gahead- put your eggs in eight different baskets. It's more interesting on your fingers to see what finished first.


I agree, so much better to be loose! I like to think of it like free love rather than promiscuity.

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