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March 13, 2007



Yikes, what an inopportune time to have a needle snap.

Enjoy your vacation!!!! Can't wait to see the pics :)


Have a wonderful time in the bahamas!!


Ack! Maybe it's a sign that you have to knit those socks on size 2s :)
You must be in the air as I type!! Have fun!


have a great time!! get some sun and do some heavy relaxing :)


At least your needle went for the drama. Have a very fun vacation. Take lots of pictures!


Oh crap. I'm always afraid that's going to happen and the people watching me on the subway are going to give the "well, what do you expect?" look. I'm sorry. I hope you were able to save any dropped sts.


My skinniest DPNs are metal, so that would be quite a feat to snap one of those babes. SCHRAPNEL IN THE EYE!

Have a great vacay! xoxo!

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