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June 19, 2007



hahaha, everything you've mentioned here is exactly why i don't sew very often. once i get everything out and ready, it all takes up tons of space in the apartment until i'm done. and i hate it! whereas knitting takes up almost no room and i have neat little bags i can pack it away in when it's not in use. damn, if only i had a crafting room!


I totally can relate to the whole ironing board thing! Especially the horrible screeching sound! I found myself nodding at your whole post! I always envy those with crafting rooms! Someday we'll get ours!


Oh god the ironing board screeching noise - the worst sound imaginable! I have the same problem with cooking and having people over for dinner. Placemats? Top of closet. Big salad bowl? Bottom of lower left cabinet. Serving platter? Under 87 lbs of pots and pans.

pamela wynne

Yeah, our ironing board hasn't been put away in weeks! I do recommend under-the-bed storage bins -- and we also use them under every couch. :)


You are such a funny writer Katy! Love the vivid portrait of the city crafter's dilemma. Think of it this way: at least when you want Amy Butler fabric you can put your hands on it within 30 minutes or less whereas those of us with space galore are bound by the constraints of JoAnn's Fabrics and UPS!!


What a funny post, Katy. I LOVE the picture of Alex being obscured by the ironing board, hilarious. And what's this with all the ironing board noise? Surely you all have an old can of WD40 laying around somewhere. John went on a kick recently with a can of it, spraying every squeaky thing in his path. That shit rules!


OMG the age old space problem! All I can suggest is a tall narrow bookshelf/cabinet to the right of the cutting table to store your machine and all the other stuff on and around the table in (minus the computer) so you can still use it for cutting. And what about buying an extension cord so you can sew at the dining table (instead of cutting) and then you can use the truly fabulous knee lifter? And whilst I admire your attention to detail in zig-zagging the edges of material to be washed (wow!!) you can achieve the same thing more easily by getting a pinking blade for your rotary cutter and pinking all the edges - works brilliantly. And underbed storage. Or just knit more ;o)


I did not know people have special high tables for cutting out fabric. You know what my mom does? She does what any self-respecting Korean woman does: she cuts as she squats on the floor. Oh yes.


HAHA, NYC living in its truest form!! I really (honestly) plan to have a sewing table that will make everyone jealous. In meantime, I cut on the floor and drag the sewing maching out of it's sad little corner and sew on the dining table. Thanks for the laugh.


I too cut on the floor. I've tried the table (too low) and the counter (too tiny) and instead break my back on the floor. And haul out the machine on the kitchen table, and my ironing board, as we speak, has been set up in the kitchen for a week now. Awesome. It looks great in there. But it's not like I cook, anyway. ;)


EXACTLY my problem except I'm also being pressed by my 2 daughters and 2 stepdaughters (ages 16, 18, 21, 23) who are all around for the summer, in and out of our 3 bedroom SMALL townhouse, to teach them to sew! I'm going nuts with the lack of space, even as I'm thrilled they want to be crafty too! Anybody have any good suggestions for you?

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