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August 21, 2007



Isn't that such a great technique? I think I first heard about it from Knit & Tonic. I love that it's so obvious: one strand of scrap yarn, one strand of the main yarn, and the ubiquitous long tail cast-on. And you don't even need to measure out how much yarn you need! Why didn't I think of that?!
Can't wait to see Cobblestone in progress :)


Luckily I have some très manly brown Classic Elite Skye Tweed in le stash for this project!

Love the Monkey picot mods, can't wait to see that...


Yay for yarn packages - I hope that it doesn't leak on you!!

The Monkeys are looking cute with the picot.


Yay, Katy! I am a total picot monkey ho! All monkeys, all picot, all the time! Love the Tweed! and love the Hello Yarn!

carrie m

wool pervert -- i love it!


OK, I have the same issue with the Skye Tweed I bought in Heath colorway from Webs. I noticed it about four hours before I read your blog and just after I read about Tiennie buying a whole bunch of ST from WEBS. Seriously, ST is in the water thanks to t w e e d! I'm just going to give my sweater (soon to be Sunrise Circle) a good soaking. But you're right, it's not nearly as nice to knit with as I expected. Pretty, but not so nice.

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