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October 23, 2007



For crying out loud, people! What is their problem? I seriously think the "brick and mortar" stores can take a page from some of the online stores, like Woolgirl, The Loopy Ewe and Sweet Sheep.


I think I might know which employee you had that super interaction with, what a major wench!!


well, i have never shopped there and don't think that i ever will now. i've never heard anything good about their staff or policies.


I'm with you - no going back. As it is, it's the strangest yarn store I've ever seen. I swear some of the yarn they have on thier shelves are from 20 years ago.

carrie m

i love "assvice" -- too perfect.

it's positively unforgivable that they'd be so mean. it's not like you tried to return yarn in the form of a knit sock or something! that place is a mess anyway, and they're management has to be screwed up since they accept personal checks but not credit cards.


heh heh: "assvice." what a bunch of ho-bags.


Yeah, I made the mistake of mentioning trying out the place not so long ago to some knitting-pals - wow, the response was not exactly positive, and I think you've just sealed the deal for me, life's too short for that cr@p. Sorry had such a bad experience.


I've completely given up on the pathetic LYSs in my area. Little selection, huge mark-up, horrible owners, and the permeable smell of decades-old tobacco smoke. This is why I love to shop online, and why my husband loves to let me shop online (he hates to see me suffer). If only I could convince my mother to shop online too!

Anyways, good for you! Please stick with your resolve to cut them out of your knitting experience. I haven't gone back, and I've never been more pleased with myself.



Laura T. sent me the address of your blog (we work together). Great BSJ, and great socks!


Wow, thanks for the info! I've never been to Seaport but I won't be going. And Katie just talked about how awful the Yarn Co. is, too--it's helping narrow down my trips around the city :) I cannot remember what color I recommended you use for the BSJ, but I think you made the right call.

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