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August 23, 2008



OK, that's pretty funny about the hippo fabric! I'm totally with you on the destashing for a loss bit. If I want to pay full price for yarn, I'll buy it new, right? I think Wollmeise and Sundara and a few others are just traded around Ravelry like cigs. It's a weird second market.


That fabric is adorable, don't feel bad about ordering from purl online, I did the same thing a few weeks back - had no idea they shipped from CA (doh!). I totally agree about the destash "bargains", I thought it was just me, since I am pretty tight when it comes to money, but I'm glad I'm with good company on this one.


Yes, the Purl shipping from Ca. was a surprise to me as well, but since I'm in PA. it didn't make me feel quite as bad...

Yes, the destashing thing is a major mystery. I always list for less than what I paid, I even stupidly sold Wollmeise at cost. Even that made me feel like I was ripping people off--wtf?


Stash enhancement? That's my girl! :)
Those hippos are fantastic.


Baby schlepping forgives the shipping, your guilt is probably larger than the carbon footprint.

You know, I could some hippo pj's, Mom....


I totally agree with you. I'm willing to take the few dollars loss if it gets the yarn out of my house. Hell, throw in the shipping for free. Five lousy bucks.


for a second i thought to myself, "i wish i had some hippo pants!" then promptly reconsidered.

good call on the peapod set v. vestee, btw.

carrie m

oh my goodness, jon is going to die when he sees the hippo fabric.

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