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August 18, 2008



Honestly, you freaking kill me with your in-depth analysis. Girlfriend, you are a candidate for a brand new project that you LOVE, you have earned it! Delete the projects that you most hate from Ravelry and they will cease to exist for you!


Kill Itchy, Scratchy, and Dull, and git your buns over to UPS already! If the Pea Pod sweater is now too small for the Pea Pod it was intended for, find another Pea.

You're so close to finishing all of these! I say kill the haters and finish the rest, then knit yourself something scrumptious :) You've outdone the baby knits.


Here's my diagnosis: you need a clean slate!
You could shrink Memphis Blu at your Grammie's and use her USPS, but only if it doesn't seem like work. It will be your vacation after all. I would prescribe a cute bolero, cropped and quick.


Get the littler of the stuff done before you go and then you are free to start something new! New yarn will be required for the Cobblestone--I've just revived mine. RIIIIIIIIIIPed the whole body.


dr. j's Rx: - print shipping labels online and send the peapod from your apartment with free pickup; finish the cousinly cardigan as the graft is in pete's armpit and, cute as it is, no one's looking there; finish the BSJ and hang onto it for the next girl baby; frog or shove the rest in a box behind something heavy in your closet . . . out of sight, out of mind!


LOL! Brilliant analysis - I particularly love the USPS reason, so, so true. I think Jesses suggestion is brilliant, as is Veronique's. I discovered the hard way that my PO is practically empty on Wednesdays after work, maybe yours is? The people are right though, finish the ones so close to finishing, RIP the rest, remove them from ravelry, don't feel the least bit bad about it AND find a project you LOVE!

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